Monday, September 28, 2015

Your Dog and I

Your dog and I
We wander the house
I take up a task for a moment
Then return to the couch

He turns in circles
And lays back down

These days are better
My mind will settle on a book
And your absence isn't a physical pain

But I remember those days
Curled up here on the couch
Only sleep would ease the ache
Of missing you

Those days and months
When even your imminent return
Failed to revive my soul

When missing you
ruled the day
even when you were here

It got easier
You said it would

But you and I apart
Will never be right

Your dog and I
We will always be here
Slightly less ourselves
When you are gone

Unsure how to compose our bodies
Without you to lean against
Without your foot to step on

So, we circle and sit
We look for distraction
We listen
For the sound of you
Our man, at the door