Monday, July 1, 2013

Mile-High Book Club

I've lost things in airports and on airplanes.  Everyone does.  I've lost some good books!  Now I have a rule: if it's a Really Good Book, it doesn't go with me on the trip.  I buy a cheap paperback, mass-market, that I won't care about losing.

Rob has lost some things.  Yep.  He sure has.  Some expensive things, like IPads and Kindles.  He doesn't get to carry expensive electronics anymore.  I applied the cheap, paperback rule to him as well.

Good news is, there's a secret, airline industry book club.  I've read some really good books this year that Rob has brought home from work.  Books left behind on airplanes and found by the flight attendant, read first or immediately passed on to someone else on the crew.

Most recently, Lisa Gardner's Live to Tell, made it home with Rob.  He read it first and passed it on to me.  I'm a little embarrassed to admit I've never read her work before, but I will definitely pick up another of her books next time I need one for traveling.

So, to those of you who have left beloved books on airplanes, or like A did on our last trip, in the bathroom at the airport, don't worry!  Your book has surely found its way into the hands of a reader, maybe even the pilot who flew your plane home.  It will be passed along, making its way through the Mile-High Book Club, hand to hand, accompanied by the same passionate hand-sell pitch the book-seller might have used, if book-sellers still existed.  "I loved it!  Stayed up all night reading!"

Thanks for your donation to the Mile-High Book Club, and if you find that lovely story by Sue Monk Kidd, the one about the bees?  You're welcome.

Lost or found a good book in the airport recently? What do you read when you are traveling?

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